Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Clean Tech Trends Report

The new clean energy trends report by Clean Edge research group is out. Considering it's free, it's quite a good high level view of investment and technology trends in renewables with a primarily U.S. focus, and there is the corresponding focus on solar and ethanol as a result. The key trends are also ALL U.S. based, which is a shame as 2006 saw some very interesting dynamics in surging demand and cleantech spending in China and India, European progress on carbon trading systems and legislation, European technology advances across the board, massive new wind capacity put online (15,000MW), and the growing competitive nature of large China PV manufacturing and India wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon, etc. etc.

Of course, one nice surprise is that the report - while U.S. centric - is not as solar centric as so much of the media and investment interest seems to be focused right now. A good all around read, especially for newbies to get a lay of the land.