Thursday, March 22, 2007

On Nameplates and Metrics, Part Three

In previous posts, I've written about how broken namplates are as a metric in clean power, and how these broken metrics are typical in nascent businesses that don't know how to measure themselves.

And now, a solution.

The renewable industry needs to move away from nameplates entirely. Rating these systems on their peak power 'capability' should be replaced by rating these systems on their annualized power production (app).

An APP in a solar panel would be the expected yearly power production of this panel at a "normalized" location.

An APP in a wind turbine system would be the expected yearly power production, assuming rayleigh distribution, at wind class 3. The best online resource I've found for determining power generated from various wind classes and distribution can be found here.

Speaking of metrics, there is a buzz of late on the "cubic mile of oil", which is essentially the amount of oil we consume, globally, in a given year.